Wednesday, January 6, 2021

List of Monthly Investments through Dollar Cost Averaging (DCA)

These are my monthly DCA commitments for now: 


S$500 Cash - Syfe Reit+ (100 REIT)
S$500 Cash - Stashaway Risk Index 22%
S$1,115 CPF OA - Endowus on 60/40 'Measured Portfolio'
S$1,000 SRS - Nikko AM STI ETF, OCBC Blue Chip Investment Plan (BCIP)

In Dec 2020, I set up my SRS and transferred $12k into it for tax savings and to seriously kickstart my retirement savings. Out of this 12k, a lump sum of $6.5k was channelled into another Stashaway portfolio with 22% risk index. To balance out the risks, the remaining amount in my SRS will be DCA-ed monthly in $1k portions to invest in the STI ETF. I will reassess the returns in a couple of months to see how well this works. 


USD $2,000 (approx) - TSLA 
USD $1,500 (approx) - AAPL

I am in a portfolio building phase and have set aside a 'war chest' of around S$60k cash to be deployed over the next few months whenever good opportunities arise, but for now I will be committing to DCA monthly into the above 2 stocks in 2021, which I feel most confident about. 


S$500 - Coinhako 

It has come to the stage where it is impossible to ignore Bitcoin! Anyway, am thinking of changing platforms to Binance later on since I've read some reviews it is more "secure" and the rates could be better. Until I have time to do a proper comparison, will stick to Coinhako for now.  


$500 - Aviva MoneySmart - Ladies Investment-Linked Policy (ILP) 

Unfortunately back in 2008, I signed up for this ILP with a policy term of 15 years and have been religiously paying $500 a month from the past 12 years πŸ˜’It's a pretty horrible investment, and I am still working out whether it is worth to continue paying for the next 3 years or surrender it. 

I am actually committing a large portion of my monthly salary for the above investments... trying to reduce my spending as much as possible so I have more to invest πŸ’ͺ

It's almost midweek.... may the weekend come soon!! 

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